Rules for ZOOM – Virtual Visits

Be on time! We promise to start and end the visits according to the times appointed.If you do not join the visit within 5 minutes of scheduled time, the visit will be cancelled and a charge for the full visit will be incurred (fee varies).

Be considerate. Be considerate of the other parent’s privacy of their home.
Parents with children will have the child/children in a room with no distractions.

Earbuds. Children/children will be asked to wear earbuds or headphones during
Be prepared. Be prepared to interact with your child. Have multiple activities to
do together virtually. Please have these activities already planned before the visit.

Do not multitask. Stay mentally and physically present. It is easy to get
distracted on a virtual visit, but our objective is important and we need your full
attention in order for you to remain child focused and to meet the goals of the
visit. Eating is also a distraction, so please eat before or after the visit.

Parents responsibility to keep visits going. Although the Monitor can assist the
parent, it is not the responsibility of the Monitor to interact with the child and
keep the child’s attention.

Choose a quiet location: Background noise disrupts the visit and might prevent
us from hearing the information that we need. Choose a quiet location – away
from pets, other people or any distractions etc. Turn off the TV and any music.

Nobody else visited. Please remember that no one else can be present while
you are participating in the court ordered virtual visit.. No one else may be in the
visit unless on court order or PRE APPROVED by the other parent.

No driving or walking around or laying down. Your safety is important to us.
You cannot be distracted while on the visit. This includes laying down in bed or on
a couch.

No Call Waiting. If using your cellphone, please disable your “Call Waiting”
feature. The clicking noise you hear on your phone when another call comes
it can also be heard by the Monitor and will be distracting.

All visits may be recorded : The Monitor will document as usual, providing an
objective “picture” of what happens in the visit, but may also record audio for our
files and court records. Neither parent may record audio or video, or take
screenshots during these virtual visits.

The Monitor may terminate visits at any time they feel necessary.

Please remember that these visits are to help substitute in-person visitation due to the
pandemic or may possibly be an additional way to spend time with your child(ren).

These visits are not only important to you, but they are important to the child as well, so
that you may keep a steady routine.
Legal Angels has noticed an influx in virtual visits since the start of the pandemic
and we have done hundreds to date.

Why we are More than a Monitor

At Legal Angels, we provide a safe and fun environment for children to thrive during a
divorce and custody battle. We strive to be the company that is “in the best interest of the children.” We have developed a streamlined process, that provides safety, efficiency,
and a lawful, non-biased approach that you won’t get everywhere.
If you have left the courthouse and the judge in your divorce proceedings has ordered
“Professional Supervised visits.” Where do you go? This is a relatively new industry
but either way, what exactly is supervised visits?
Supervised visitation, sometimes referred to as Monitored Visitation, Supervised
Child Access, or Supervised Child Contact, refers to contact between a non-custodial
parent and one or more children in the presence of a third person responsible for
observing and seeking to ensure the safety of those involved. Supervised visit services
are for families with children who are involved in high-risk emotional or physical
situations. The supervised visitation Provider offers a safe and protected environment to
control external influences of stress on the child.
We know both parties are upset, but you have a court order that must be upheld. So
this is what you do: download our app in Apple:
Fill out the information and a monitor in your area that is experienced and vetted legally
to do the right thing for your case will call you. An intake will be set up and you will be
on your way to doing what is right in the court’s eyes and for your little Angels.
Or you could be so upset at the ruling and fight it, but that will not get you to the final
destination. I have seen hundreds of clients fight the position they are in and make it
twice as difficult. They sit in the resentment of the other party and they dwell on it. The
ones that I see that don’t have visits for long are the ones that accept where they are
and do the exact directions for the court. The ones that are monitored for years are
those that fight it. They refuse to do what they have to do to get out of the system. Whether you deserve it or not- We don’t judge. We are just there to make the most of
your visits. so just get through it. I have turned so many people around and taught
them and the kids the necessary tools and ways to co-parent through this hard family
On that note I am going to tell you what a monitor is NOT! A monitor is not your
babysitter, we report to the court, so it really is in your best interest to be decent to us.
We are not a therapist, a mailman of spousal support, a process server to serve the
other party nor are we to get involved with your case. Not only do we have the right to
terminate you, we then have to tell the court and lawyers and worse of all Your Ex.
So, at Legal Angels we have taken years of experience and mistakes and have a system.
Intake, Visits, reports and court days can all be done on the App with a connection of a
highly skilled, trained and vetted professional monitor that is fingerprinted and has an
extensive background check. Any questions call us at 818-960-5075 ask for AnnMarie
the CEO and founder.