How to Handle Supervised Visitation and Make a Good Impression

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Your court order, lawyer, or Family Court Services office will probably give you
information about supervised visitation services and a list of supervised visitation monitors in your area.


If you didn’t get a list from them, you may ask for one or if you want help to choose a
monitor, here are some things to think about before choosing a monitor. Look at:

  • The supervised visitation monitor’s compliance with Standard 5.20 of the
    California Standards of Judicial Administration;
  • The monitor’s compliance with training and education requirements;
  • he level of staff experience and expertise;
  • Child abuse and criminal background (fingerprinting) clearance for staff; and
  • The supervised visitation monitor’s reputation and good standing with their
    professional association, the court, and the community.

Also, you will have an in person meeting (intake) with the supervised visitation monitor.
Make a list of questions you have for the monitor and make sure you understand what
services will be provided and what is expected of you. When you interview the monitor
in person, discuss the monitor’s policies and procedures, like:

  • Fees and method of payment,
  • Safety and security measures,
  • Program conditions and guidelines
  • Hours of operation, and
  • Reasons for interrupting or ending a visit, and
  • Termination process.

If there are concerns about domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, or sexual abuse,
choose a supervised visitation monitor who has been trained in these issues, and
Legal Angels has been around for over 4 years and adheres to all of the rules and
regulations set forth by the Judicial Council. We have experience with all different kinds
of cases and situations. We have protocols set forth for different scenarios that can/may
possibly occur on visits and will go over them with you upon your individualized
We are here to help and offer non-bias monitoring for your family and we provide
reports of each visit upon request. Please contact us directly for more information.



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